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Heating Tips

  • It is best to call us for a delivery when you are at a quarter of a tank because when the weather gets cold we get busy!
  • When there is snow on the ground, please make sure that there is a path shoveled to the fill pipe. For in ground tanks place a bucket over the fill so we can find it in the snow.
  • The best time to service your furnace is in the summer because a lot of the heating companies run specials on cleanings and tune-ups! This way you’re ready for the winter season to begin.
  • Even though we do not provide service,  we have the names and telephone numbers of area companies who we have been recommending for years with great success.
  • When you leave for work, turn your heat down a few degrees if there is no one home. Why heat a house if there is no one there! When you come home increase your heat to your liking.
  • Wash clothes in cold water; it will help save on oil. That is if your oil also heats your hot water heater. Today’s detergents work as well in cold or hot water.
  • If you have an above ground tank you can wrap it with insulation blankets in the winter and we can also winterize the fuel to help the lines so they do not freeze. If your lines happen to freeze, quick tip is to get a blow dryer and heat the lines that lead into the house to warm the oil so it starts to flow.
  • Always make sure your gages and whistles are in working condition. This way you have a way of knowing how much fuel you have and there will not be an inconvenience of us having to come back to redeliver if your whistle is not working. (Basement Tank) Without a whistle we cannot hear when to stop filling the basement tank and you don’t want to come home to a basement full of oil!!!
  • Having a basement tank. It will be required by Comfort Oil and Our insurance company that there be someone home for a first time delivery. We want to make sure that there are no problems or leaks in basement with the oil tank.
  • Sometimes in the winter with heavy snowstorms we are not able to put our trucks on the road. They are not your typical trucks so it is for safety reasons. So what we ask you to do if you know that bad weather is coming please call us early enough for an oil delivery so that we know that you will be accommodated.
  • Depending on where tanks are located we will have to pull into driveways so please make sure that if vehicles need to be moved, they are. The hoses are only so long and we want to be able make sure we can make your delivery smoothly.